Personal detail

Instructions to Candidates

(a) The time allowed for this examination is 1 hour
(b) Please complete all your answers to this question paper. Write the letter of your answer.
(c) At the end of the examination give the question to the Invigilator for checking.

I. Read the following sentences and answer the questions.

II. Read the following sentences and choose the correct letter of your answer.

III. EMAIL 1: write an email to a business contact or colleague asking for information.

Prepare the situation using the questions below. The information can be real or imaginary.
• What is your company’s business? What products/services do you offer?
• What is your position in the company?
• What information do you want right now?
Ideas: the status of an order that you are waiting for; product information to give to a
customer; market information about a new country where you are going to do business;
financial data to write a report; hotel information for a business trip you are going to make.

• Who are you going to write to, to get this information?
Ideas: a colleague in another department/from another country; a customer; a supplier;
your line manager.
• Can you make your request for information more specific?
• Do you want to give any information to them? / promise action? / offer help?