Improve your IELTS Listening score

IELTS Listening Tips: How to Improve Your Score

Predict the Topic

  • Use the title, content & any pictures to guess the topic immediately
  • This will help you predict the kind of language that you will need
  • Don’t worry if you do not know much about the topic, just get ready for the related vocabulary

Find keywords in each questions

  • Look for the most important words in each question
  • Underline or put marks on keywords

Listen carefully

  • The person speaking doesn’t always use the same words; understand synonyms
  • Listen carefully the instructions; answer as instructed

Always stay focused

Skip the question if you don’t hear the answer.

  • There is no time on IELTS listening for you to lose focus
  • Don’t worry if you miss a question; Focus on the next question
  • Use the reading time to prepare, not check
  • Sometimes you may need to refocus; During these times, just take a deep breath and get back to it
  • Know how to multitask; the Listening test also include reading the questions, and writing the answers
  • Practice; know the exam techniques

Use upper case or lower case letters

  • It says on the official British Council website: “You may write your answers in lower case or capital letters”. However it is recommended that you try and use capitalization correctly to be on safe side.


Get used to the British accent

  • Be prepared to all accents as you may hear Australian, American, Canadian or any other mix of European countries.
  • Practice the pronunciation of letters and numbers to make sure you recognize how different letters sound in different accents, not just words.

Beware of the distractors

  • Speakers will often give you an answer but then eventually corrects themselves
  • Don’t leave answers blank
  • Instead of nothing atleast try to guess the answer

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