Terms & Conditions:

  • This is an application and doesn’t confirm that you are eligible for the offer.
  • A confirmation email should be sent to you upon approving your application.
  • This application is only for the schools (no individual).
  • Applying to get the offer of 2 free courses doesn’t mean you are required to get the other 4 courses with us.
  • Minimum from one school will be 10 teachers and maximum is 30 teachers.
  • If you will fail in any Six Mandatory Professional Development Courses test then you need to to pay AED 60 to reattempt test (Note: This is just for Six Mandatory Professional Development Courses).
  • You will get certificate online, if you want to get certificate in hard copy then you need to pay AED 45 + 5% VAT (Note: This is just for Six Compulsory Courses).
  • SIX compulsory courses are opened for 7 days only for each course to finish it. If you need more time, we will charge AED 15 per day.
  • The delivery of the course can be face-to-face and or online.
  • This offer will be expired on 30 April 2019 to complete the registration and training.