Tips For Summer Vacation

نصائح للعطلة الصيفية 

كيف تستفيد من الإجازة الصيفيّة ؟!

إليك من باكت أفكار عديدة : ✨

1️⃣تعلّم لغة جديدة .📚

2️⃣ممارسة الهوايات و تعلّم نشاطات. 🌟

3️⃣قراءة بعض الكتب 📚

4️⃣التطوّع ب فريق لمساعدة الآخرين . 🌟

5️⃣ الإنضمام إلى دورات تدريبيّة مفيدة و ممتعة  .📚

Tips For Summer Vacation

How can you take advantages of Summer Vacation?!

Bact’s Centre introduces  to you many ideas:✨

1️⃣You should Try Learning a new language .📚

2️⃣You should practice your hobbies and learn new activities or exercises.🌟

3️⃣You should read some books.📚

4️⃣you should volunteer to help other people.🌟

5️⃣You should join to useful and interesting training courses.📚

Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training is an educational institution permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai – UAE to train in different fields. It offers remarkable training services in all the aspects of education. The courses are characterized by their applied dimension, which returns with immediate benefit on educational institutions taking these courses.

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